Mistletoe herb

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Article no. 611 k6x K
Latin name Visci albi herba
Quality Ph. Eur.

Dried and cut herb of Viscum album L.

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Storage conditions dry. protected from direct light and heat
Shelf life 24 Months
Drying factor 3.33
Origin wild collection
Foreign matter absence
Foreign herbal parts
Loss on drying max. 12.00 %
Bulk volume 280 g/l
Packaging The packaging material used complies with the requirements of EC 1935/2004
General and legal requirements
The product was not irradiated and produced without the use of GMOs. The product contains no additives as defined by the Food and Feed Code. no flavors within the meaning of the Flavoring Regulation and no ingredients other than those contained in the product name or recipe.
Allergens and cross contamination
The product contains no other allergens according to directive EC 1169/2011 than those that may be included with the product definition. Cross-contamination with products that have allergenic potential is excluded.

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Weight 25,7 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 60 cm


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