Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms. By accessing or using our website or our online store, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and the conditions incorporated by reference. Do not use our site or online store if you do not agree with these terms.

We do not make advanced analytics for our products. In case you would like to send it to a lab, please request a representative product sample. We pull the samples according to PhEur monograph 2.8.20.

Web Store Operator

Service Provider Green Pulse ec.
Email info@greenpulse.hu
Phone Number +36 21 292 0095
Address 2676 Cserhátsurány, Sréter János út 0137/2
Business Directory Number 12-11-001619
Tax number HU26297507-2-12
Registering body Company Court of Balassagyarmat
Bank IBAN HU50 1174 1017 2415 4017 0000 0000    BIC(SWIFT) OTPVHUHB
Name of the Conciliation Body Nógrád County Conciliation Body (Salgótarján, Alkotmány út 9/a. — 32 /520-860 – nkik@nkik.hu — www.bekeltetes-nograd.hu)

Delivery and Payment Terms

We process the orders immediately. The herbs go out within 2-3 business days depending on the stock. For shipping of the ordered products, we use courier service or freight transport. The courier service delivers packets between 8 am and 5 pm on working days. You can change the address or request the next day’s delivery.

Shipping Costs

The ordered products will be delivered to the address you provided during the purchase. Our products are delivered in paper boxes or paper bags, or in pallets for large quantities. The weight of the packages and the dimensions of the packaging are indicated on the product data sheet. The transport cost is calculated by the web-shop on the basis of the volume. As freight costs are constantly increasing, they cannot be reasonably calculated in advance. They may differ from those shown in the table below. If the volume of goods ordered exceeds 3000 kg, delivery is free of charge.


You can make a purchase by direct bank transfer or by paying with a credit card. If you choose a payment method, we will only send the ordered products after we have received the payment.

Order Process

After placing Your order, our system will send an automatic message about the purchase. The products will be handed over to the courier within three business days of ordering. We will notify our customers of the order fulfillment by e-mail.

In the event of a delay of a few days due to stock shortages, we will inform our customers by phone or e-mail.

Options for correcting data entry errors

The order can be modified by phone or e-mail.

Purchase Terms

Distance contract

The subject of the agreement are all articles in the web store. You can find out about the properties and features of the goods on the specific page of the item. The details of the products in the webshop are valid at the time of ordering. In case of orders for the same product but later on, the data may change. The offers in the webshop are valid at the given time only.

By completing and submitting the order form and by the confirming e-mail from the Green Pulse ec. a contract creates. According to the Government Decree 45/2014, the distance contract establishes between Green Pulse ec. as the Supplier and the Customer as the Buyer, under the following conditions:

If Customer has requested delivery at home during the purchase, the Supplier is obliged to — after the payment of the goods has been received — deliver the selected product(s) of the Buyer to the delivery address indicated on the order form!

In the event of any objection to the execution of the order for any reason, the Supplier shall promptly contact the Customer via e-mail or telephone, to reconcile further, in which case the distance contract between the Parties shall not establish.

The Buyer is obligated to pay for the products indicated on the Order Form as well as required to take them upon delivery.

The Civil Code, as well as the rules on distance contracts of Government Decree No. 45/2014, will govern the issues not regulated here.

The language of the contracts concluded through the use of the web store is English, the arrangement thus found do not constitute a written agreement and are not recorded by Green Pulse ec.

Browsing and placing the order

You can search our products and put the one you want to buy in the basket by clicking the “Add to cart” button. You can find it on each product list page and the detailed product datasheet page next to the product.

You can delete or modify the items you have added to the cart by clicking the “View Cart” button. You can expand the content of the cart by adding further products, or you can finish browsing and place your order by clicking the “Checkout” button in the header.

On the order summary page, it is possible to view and modify the order-related information or to send the Supplier a message containing other text-related content. Fill in the details and then send the order by clicking on the “Place order” button.

The prices shown on the webshop contain the VAT.


You have the right to return the purchases made online, by phone or mail order, within 14 days for a full refund. You can do so for any reason – even if you simply changed your mind.

The 14-day “cooling off” period does not apply if You opened the containers and can not return the products in their original condition.

The “cooling off” period expires 14 days after the day you received your goods. If the cooling off period expires on a non-working day, your deadline is extended till the next working day.


If there is a complaint about the quantity or quality of the purchased product, the Supplier will return the product in question, provided that the complaint was made at the time of delivery. In the case of a legitimate complaint, Green Pulse ec. will be charged for the delivery of the new product.

Where to submit a complaint

  • by phone: +36 21 292 0095
  • in person or by mail: 2676 Cserhátsurány, Sréter János út 0137/2
  • by e-mail: info@greenpulse.hu
  • online dispute resolution platform: http://ec.europa.eu/odr

How to cancel a purchase

You must tell us that you want to cancel the purchase. It is not enough to just send the goods back. Please use the following form to tell us about your decision:

To: Green Pulse ec.
H-2676 Cserhátsurány, Sréter János út 0137/2

I hereby give notice that I withdraw from my contract of sale of the following goods:

Ordered on:
Name of Customer:
Address of Customer:

Signature of consumer (only if this form is notified on paper),


You can inform the us and send back the goods at the same time, for example, by adding a written statement with the goods that you are returning by post, or by sending a fax or e-mail.

You must send the unused goods back within 14 days of informing us.

The we will inform you about the costs of returning the goods. If we don’t inform you that you must pay for your return, we will have to pay the cost of your return. You don’t have to pay any other charges that you were not informed of.


The we must give you a refund within 14 days of receipt of your cancellation, but we can delay refunding you if we haven’t received the goods or evidence that you’ve returned them.

This refund must include any shipping charges you paid when you made your purchase. However, we may charge you delivery costs if you specifically requested non-standard (express) delivery.

If you use more than the quantity required to ensure the quality and quantity of the products, you shall reimburse us.


Under EU rules you always have the right to a minimum 2-year guarantee at no cost, regardless of whether you bought your goods online, in a shop or by mail order.

If goods you bought turn out to be faulty or do not look or work as advertised, the Supplier must repair or replace them free of charge or give you a price reduction or a full refund.

As a general rule, you will only be able to ask for a partial or full refund when it is not possible to repair or replace the goods.

You might not be entitled to a refund if the problem is minor, such as a scratch on a CD case.

How to get goods repaired, replaced or refunded

The 2-year guarantee period starts as soon as you receive your goods.

  • You must inform the Suplier within 2 months of discovering a fault, otherwise you may lose your right to the guarantee.
  • Within 6 months of receiving the goods, you need to show the Supplier that the goods are faulty or not as advertised.
  • After 6 months, you need to prove that the defect already existed on receipt of the goods – for example, by showing that it is due to the poor quality of the materials used.

FAQs – Guarantees and returns

Hosting Service

The www.greenpulse.net webshop runs on the server of Dotroll Kft.

Provider Dotroll Kft
E-mail address support@dotroll.com
Address 1148 Budapest, Fogarasi út 3-5
Tax number 13962982-2-42

Privacy Statement

Green Pulse ec. (from now on: Supplier) respects the personal data of its customers. In the course of handling the data, the Supplier shall not be liable for any violation of the provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and publicity of public data. Act.

Collect data to ensure, maintain, maintain, and develop new services for your existing services and manage it for the shortest possible time, for the sake of the specified goals of the services, including the principle of data saving and data retention.

The Supplier’s web pages can be accessed without any data being provided. However, some services necessarily involve the provision of data. For example, online shopping.

In these cases, only the most necessary data for the purchase is recorded. For ordering the online transaction, invoicing, and delivery of the product to the house until it is strictly required. This includes the duration of the claim and the warranty and product liability, including the case of later storage of the terms of the contract. Subsequently, the entered data will be deleted.

The Supplier shall not disclose the client’s data to a third party, unless the customer expressly agrees to it, or if the third party is a related Provider of the Supplier. Affiliated companies are subject to a data protection obligation that is the same as this declaration.

In connection with the operated storage sites, the Supplier and its affiliated companies as intermediary providers are not responsible for complying with the privacy obligations assumed by others.

Users of the service shall have the opportunity to prohibit the processing of data as described above in writing in the form of a declaration addressed to the Supplier before and during the use of the service. However, with this prohibition, the client must be aware of the necessity of a technical file that is indispensable for handling complaints.

Legal Statement

Representative of the company: Balázs Nagy managing director
All content on the website (pictures, products, texts) is owned by Green Pulse ec., without the consent of the owner, they can not be used on other sites or in other databases.

Images are only illustrations!

Exclude Liability

Before using herbs for medical purposes, always ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice, as they may give you personalized information on the herbal products you are looking for regarding their condition, age, and medication.

The description in the “Warning” section of the herbal remedies is necessary to assess whether the user can safely apply a herbal drug to his / her non-medical complaints.

Individual hypersensitivity to a component excludes the further use of the plant and should be consulted immediately.

Use of active substances for medical purposes can only be performed by medical prescription and in a pharmaceutical formulation prepared by a pharmacist.

In the event of pregnancy and dangerous illness, ask your doctor or pharmacist for advice before using herbal remedies.

Internal bleeding, diabetes, stomach and duodenal ulcer, hypertension, migraine, bowel obstruction, epilepsy, asthma, fever-induced acute illnesses, chronic kidney disease and cardiac disorders, etc. cannot be treated solely with herbal medicinal products, but medicinal herbal ingredients with medical supervision can play an excellent complementary role in healing in addition to classical drug therapy.

The writings of Green Pulse ec. were made using the internet-related pages and the literature, taking into account their advice.

The use of herbs may, in some instances and conditions, be harmful to health at low doses, hence

The information provided here can only be used at your own risk!

Exclusion of Liability The content on the pages of Green Pulse ec. does not accept any liability, informs them informally and expressly emphasizes that you should consult your doctor and pharmacist about possible risks and side effects before using herbs.